Roleplay was created to give sales professionals, entrepreneurs,  and consultants a FREE and safe place to connect and do structured, feedback-driven Roleplays on-demand with members and mentors on the platform.


How it works

Step 1. Post a request to roleplay, including the scenario and some brief context.

Step 2. Someone on the platform will respond and accept.

Step 3. Hop on a call, record the role-play

Step 4. Post the Roleplay on the platform and members will give feedback and ideas.

We have one golden rule: Kindness

The idea is for this to be the “safe’ place for anyone looking to improve their skills to come without fear of ridicule or negativity. We have a zero tolerance policy for negativity or unkindness and anyone who expresses this behavior will be removed immediately. This is for everyone’s benefit. Please keep the negativity on LinkedIn or somewhere else 🙂

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